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Hi, I’m Rashidah! 👩🏽‍💻🖥💡🔐📊🗓

I am Certified in Nonprofit Management & Leadership with 15 years of nonprofit experience. I am also the founder of RBJ Community Consulting.

RBJ Community Consulting is a consulting company for nonprofits, community organizations, and social entrepreneurs that is dedicated to helping organizations and the communities they serve reach their full potential. Through our services, we sharpen your organization’s strengths, assist in fostering a more collaborative work environment, and deepen your ties to the community.

I’m all about:

  • Data (to create and improve programming and support teams)

  • All things professionalism

  • Storytelling

  • Facilitation and Training 

  • Strategic Planning

  • And collaboration whenever possible!

I'm also a mommy, a wife, a PROUD cat lady (I only have one cat, but still), and a proud community advocate!

Looking forward to connecting with you.

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