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Happy New Year & Thank You

Dear Past/Present Clients & Partners:

As I take time to reflect on 2020, I realize that I have so much to be thankful for. This past year was tough and unpredictable for many of us, but I'm so grateful to say that we made it through and 2021 is here! RBJ Community Consulting accomplished so much last year and none of that could have been possible without YOU!

Thank you for believing in me and trusting me with your projects, your visions, and your goals. Thank you for supporting me and my business. Thank you for sharing my information with your friends and colleagues who you felt could benefit from my services. It all means so much to me. As a small business owner, I love that I get the chance to decide what types of partners and projects I take on. If you're receiving this email, it's because we have worked together in some capacity and I truly respect the work that you do!

I pray that 2021 brings you much peace and happiness. I pray that you're taking time to celebrate yourselves and all that you accomplished this last year despite the difficulty!

I'm hopeful that we can continue to partner together in 2021.

From my family to you and yours, Happy New Year and Thank You for all that you do.

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