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What's the big deal about bylaws?

I get questions about bylaws all the time from people that I work with. It seems they don't truly realize the importance and purpose of nonprofit bylaws.

➡️ Nonprofit bylaws are the main governing document for your nonprofit organization. They outline policies, expectations, and other information about your nonprofit and your nonprofit board. It is important to regularly review and update (amend) your bylaws to ensure that they reflect how your nonprofit functions.

Every nonprofit will have unique bylaws, but most bylaws generally cover the following topics 👇🏾

* Name and location of the organization

* Purpose, mission, and vision

* Election, roles, and terms of board directors and officers

* Membership requirements and expectations

* Voting procedures

* Committee descriptions and expectations

* Compensation and indemnification of directors

* Conflict of interest policy

* Amendment of bylaws

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