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How are you supporting Black employees during this time?

For #ProfessionalTalkTuesdays, I want to share a helpful #resource from Black Tech Pipeline for #employers, #managers, and #leaders supporting Black team members during this time. It talks about “How Black employees want to be supported by their employers during times of #protest for #BlackLivesMatter”.

There’s a really comprehensive list of things that #employers can think about and implement during this time. Check out 1 and 2 from the list:

1. Communicate with us- let us know that you’re aware of the current events and you support us.

2. #MentalHealth days- give us time to solely focus on ourselves and our community. We don’t have the energy or mindset to care about something that is realistically less unimportant than our community suffering. Working and stressing at the same time produces a low quality outcome.

Check out the article below for more suggestions and information.

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