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It's the 4 years for me! May 1, 2022

It's our anniversary!

I say "our" because the work that I do truly belongs to the clients and the communities that I work with. I've been able to work alongside many of you to create such impactful strategic plans, programs, outcomes, and opportunities for the communities we know and love.

4 years ago (May 1st), I took a leap of faith and started my own business! (Insert the side eye emoji here because I really didn't realize what I was getting myself into).

A few months later, I quit my job and immersed myself fully into my business as I prepared to be a new mommy and a business owner. Most of you know my Director of Snacks, Tafari. He's been keeping me on my toes and popping into meetings to send you greetings and warm smiles for the past 3 years. (How is he already 3???) He takes his Director of Snacks role with RBJ Community Consulting very seriously. Like, monitoring and eating up allll the snacks kind of serious.

This mompreneur journey has been such a beautiful thing with so many challenges and opportunities to grow and connect. I appreciate each of you for supporting my business and allowing me to live out my dreams of being the best mommy and wife that I can be while still doing meaningful work that I love.

In the past 4 years, I've worked with some of the most amazing people and organizations... over 50 unique clients to be exact.

  • I've worked with clients in 5 different states

  • Each year, I have provided at least 10 pro bono hours for consulting services to individuals and organizations that have a need

  • I've facilitated / hosted over 150 meetings, trainings, coaching sessions, and events

  • I’ve created an ecourse to teach people to start their own nonprofits and a FREE nonprofit startup guide that helps get people ready for the journey

I'm so grateful for every person who has been a client, shared a post, referred someone to me, purchased a t-shirt, downloaded my guide, purchased my ecourse., or shared a word of kindness and encouragement with me on this journey.

Thank you so much again. I'm hoping to continue to work with many of you in the years to come. Tafari is hoping the same. :-)

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