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💙 Toddler Talk 💙

I’ve been celebrating #Kwanzaa all my life and this year was no different.


My baby boy is a little older now so Kwanzaa was a lot more engaging for him. It was so cool to see him help light the candles each day, sing and dance to the Kwanzaa songs, and practice saying the principles for each day.

I’m so grateful that I can continue this important tradition with my family.

My professional reflection is this:

➡️ Find some things in your professional life that you enjoy, keep them consistent, and make room for them no matter what!

💡 If it’s an annual conference you love, a goal to get a new training or certification each year, or networking opportunities, MAKE ROOM FOR THEM AND ALLOW THEM TO BE CONSISTENT!

👏🏾 You should always have things to look forward to professionally.

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